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AVID Referral Process. Step 1 What does an AVID student look like?  AVID students should be self-motivated with a determination to push themselves out of their comfort zone. This means taking higher level courses that the student may be unaccustomed to taking. Step 2: Student Self Referral. Students may use the following links to refer themselves to be considered to join an AVID Cohort. Self referrals must be completed by  December 2nd. Students in grades 5th - 7th use following link. Students in grades 8th - 10th use the following link. Step 3: Application & Video Once a student has completed a self referral or a teacher has referred them an email will be sent with an application for the student to complete and an explanation on how to create a video to introduce themselves to the AVID selection team. All applications are due by December 16th and videos must be uploaded to their school's Canvas page on that day. Step 4: Selection A Cherokee County School District team comprised a AVID Coordinators and school counselors will evaluate applications and videos to determine selection for the AVID cohorts at each middle and high school.

Advancement Via Individual Determination- AVID

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Link: AVID 5th-7th Grade

Link: AVID 8th - 10th Grade